We provide cost-effective software development services.

Our services include specification, planning, implementation and testing of software projects of various size and complexity. We specialize in mobile applications, website construction, e-Commerce platforms, business software solutions and enterprise applications. The technical work is performed by a lean and mean Romanian software house, with a proven track record of more than 15 years in the software outsourcing business, including many successful projects in Israel. Its management team comprises of industry professionals with over 30 years of software development, technology innovation and project management experience.

The team comprises of highly skilled, highly motivated and experienced software engineers. The facility is located next door to the Institute of Technology in Bucharest, which allows them to cherry pick outstanding graduates, eager to participate in state of the art technology projects.

The Israeli representation provides local services such as project specification, project management and business administration, and is led by an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in leading successful projects in the software, Telecomm and semiconductor industries.

Outsourcing in Romania

Romanian software products are famous for their quality, and Romanian programming schools are well known all over the world. The Romanian software industry is growing rapidly with more than 4500 active firms employing over 25,000 professionals. The high software quality, the market dynamics and the low labor cost make outsourcing in Romania the ideal solution for foreign companies seeking to expand their business rapidly.

How We Operate

Our company has completed multiple successful projects for more than 15 years. Every project is assigned to a technical manager and a professional team equipped with the skill set and experience required to bring the project to a successful completion in a timely manner. Projects are typically triggered by a specification document provided by the customer. Our architects analyze the requirements and generate a software specification and a project plan. After the customer’s approval for the plan, the official project kick-off takes place. During development we maintain close interaction with the customer with full transparency, in order to ensure compliance with the specification and with the customer’s need. The project team continues to support the project throughout its life cycle including deployment, bug fixing and modifications, to ensure full customer satisfaction.

For long term projects we have the flexibility to expand or reduce the team, according to the project needs, by reassigning team members or by hiring new ones.

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