illegal url redirect

We have an application, designed back in 2000’s based on a Java Applet-Servlet communication. The Applet code was deployed on the Nginx HTTP layer, while the Servlet is running on a Tomcat (on port 80). Couple of days back the application stopped working, generating an error in Java console like the following:

java.lang.SecurityException: illegal URL redirect

This error is actually a CORS error, while the Servlet is trying to load the applet which resides on a different host (even is the same host, but different port)

What we did to solve this issue was to move the Java Applet code on Tomcat, as a static content. Please follow this link to read how to deploy static content on Tomcat.

UPDATE: After all these, I found that the solution was not working for some users. Very few, but exactly the customers. I needed to delete the cache of Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Our solution was based on the following StackOverflow post.

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