Magento does not regenerate images in cache folder

We are still providing hosting and maintenance for a website which is running Magento 1.x. Same customer runs a Joomla instance. We were hosting these on a old installation of Apache HTTP server. Recently, we migrated this platform to Nginx, while the owner of the websites claimed to have HTTPS for all his platforms. This came from a recommendation of Google, which became like mandatory for having your website well indexed.

Issue Description

After the migration was done, we found that there are issues with assigning or changing the pictures of a product. Whenever the admin was attempting to change a product picture, the category page was crashing, being able to show only a few items, probably until the product that had the picture changed.

Attempts to fix

We thought that there is an issue with SELinux, and we attempted to disable it:

sudo setenforce 0

This did not helped.

We thought there is an issue with the permissions of the files. We assigned 777 for all the cache folder:

chmod -R 777 media/catalog/product/cache/

Did not helped either.

We thought that we just need to Flush Catalog Products Cache from admin. This crashed the categories completely, and we found that the cache folder was deleted completely. Luckily we succeeded to restore it back from backup.

We thought that is a coding problem, enabled the debug from Magento admin console, make sure all logs are written correctly, but nothing clear written there.


We found this post from Stackoverflow, and then we thought to verify if all pre-requisites for Magento were installed. Then we ran:

yum -y install php-gd.x86_64
yum -y install php-xml.x86_64
yum -y install php-xmlrpc.x86_64

and then we did a restart (probably restart of PHP-FPM was enough).


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