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WordPress is an open source platform for blog publishing. Is written in PHP language, using MySQL database management system, the template system is written in HTML and CSS.

WordPress is noted for its simplicity and the many plugins created by the community, which can change the functionality of WordPress, transforming it into almost any type of website. It also has many themes for the interface, these can be changed easily and free of charge.

From the outset, WordPress has been labeled numerous times as being vulnerable to attacks aimed at adding malicious content to blogs or sites using this platform. Numerous automated programs were created that searched the Internet for sites that used this platform and, using its vulnerabilities, managed to insert links to the sites of those who used these programs without content.

Now, the developers of the platform have managed to improve WordPress in a state where such attacks are almost impossible to achieve. Currently WordPress is among the safest and most powerful CMS at the moment.

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